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Utilizing this Trainer:

Dispatch the coach to begin with, then dispatch the Game and after that Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Tune in for “Coach Activated”.

Press craved hotkey.

Alternatives in Promo

Alter: Gender

Alternatives (Trainer):

Numpad 1: Add 500 Gold

Numpad 2: Add 50 Fame

Numpad 3: Add 5 Skill Points

Alternatives (Editor):

Alter: Gold

Alter: Faction

Alter: Gender

Alter: Skin Color

Alter: Char Primary Color

Alter: Char Secondary Color

Alter: Crew Primary Color

Alter: Crew Secondary Color

Alter: Prosperity

Alter: Total Time Played

Alter: Total Real Time Played

Alter: Lifetime Trade Balance

Alter: Difficulty Level

Alter: Faction

Alter: Current Movement Index

Alter: Is Turning

Alter: Steering Direction

Alter: Forward Throttle

Alter: Strafe Throttle

Alter: Immobilized Throttle

Alter: Unfavorable Sailing

Alter: Recoil Time

Alter: Recoil Timer

Alter: Recoil

Alter: Is Grounded

Alter: Is Pushing Off Land

Alter: Distance Pushed Off

Alter: Push Off Angle

Alter: Push Off Direction

Alter: Sunk

Alter: Should Disperse

Alter: Water Wheel Speed

Alter: Random Speed Timer

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Password: no password

Alter: Random Speed Multiplier

Alter: Ramming

Alter: Do Not Ram

Alter: Last Damage Time

Alter: Surrendered

Alter: Tilt Angle

Alter: Time Elapsed Since Aggressors Attack

Alter: Boarding Connected

Alter: Attached First

Alter: Boarding Direction

Alter: Global Update Timer

Alter: Gold

Alter: Docking Area Index

Alter: Lamps Lit

Alter: Lighting Timer

Alter: Boarding Elapsed Duration

Alter: Boarding Action Timer

Alter: Is Submarine

Alter: Submarine State

Alter: Target Depth

Alter: Submerge Timer

Alter: Undock Time

Alter: Sinking Timer

Alter: Grounded Decay Timer

Alter: Controlled

Alter: Cheer Trigger

Alter: Missed Shot

Alter: Cheer Timer

Alter: Origin Faction

Alter: Point Value

Alter: Max Crew

Alter: Last In Combat

Alter: Has Ram

Alter: Has Drill

Alter: Ram Save Modifier

Alter: Instant Acceleration

Alter: Enable Character Animations

Alter: Immobilized

Alter: Weapons Disabled

Alter: Break Off Disabled

Alter: Bonus To Boarding

Alter: Bonus Wind Move

Alter: Bonus Move

Alter: Reflects Spells

Alter: Bonus Boarding Distance

Alter: Boarding Disabled

Alter: Ramming Disabled

Alter: Becalmed

Alter: Passes Through Obstacles

Alter: Magic Disabled

Alter: Saving Throw Bonus

Alter: Cannot Be Targeted

Alter: General Movement Speed Multiplier

Alter: Status Effect Movement Speed Multiplier

Alter: Reload Speed Multiplier

Alter: Fights For Enemy

Alter: Madness Faction

Alter: Fires All Weapons

Alter: Surrenders On Boarding

Alter: Only Damages Player

Alter: Accuracy Bonus

Alter: Ability Boarding Bonus

Alter: Death Frenzied

Alter: Death Frenzy Timer

Alter: Perm Saving Throw Bonus

Alter: Perm Saving Throw Bonus Low

Alter: Perm Movement Speed Bonus

Alter: Perm Boarding Bonus

Alter: Firepumps

Alter: Num Upgrade Slots

Alter: Relative Wind Direction

Alter: Current Boarding Score

Alter: Loaded Nav Target

Alter: Loaded Nav Target Direction

Alter: Loaded Nav Waypoint

Alter: Crew Models Loaded

Alter: Crew Visible

Alter: Nav Target

Alter: Stopped

Alter: Global Nav Target

Alter: Current Tilt

Alter: Tilt Inverse

Alter: Non Monster Tilt

Alter: Tilt Start Time

Alter: Tilt Towards

Alter: Straight Movement Distance

Alter: Turn Amount

Alter: Dropped Cargo

Alter: Ignore Wind Amount

Alter: Facing Wind Angle

Alter: With Wind Angle

Alter: Last Wind Whine

Alter: Facing Wind Direction Proportion

Alter: With Wind Proportion

Alter: Wind Boost

Alter: Snapped Masts

Alter: Geometry Hidden

Alter: Boarding Idle Timeout

Alter: Lookout Range

Alter: Lookout Timer

Alter: Unquestionable

Alter: Lantern Cooldown

Alter: Last Lantern Spawn

Alter: Last Explosion Sound Time

Alter: Last Impact Sound Time

Alter: Splinter Fade

Alter: Blood Fade

Alter: Is Boarding Attacker

Alter: Is Boarding

Alter: Capacity

Alter: Fame

Alter: Infamy

Alter: Gunnery

Alter: Ship Control

Alter: Leadership

Alter: Boarding Bonus

Alter: Gun Reload Speed Multiplier

Alter: Gun Damage Multiplier

Alter: Facing Wind Angle Bonus

Alter: With Wind Angle Bonus

Alter: DefinitionI D

Alter: Def Applied

Alter: Loyalty

Alter: Bravery

Alter: Obedience

Alter: Reaction Time

Alter: Looting Preference

Alter: Hit And Run Preference

Alter: Long Range Preference

Alter: Short Range Preference

Alter: Ram Preference

Alter: Boarding Preference

Alter: Skill Points

MAN O’ WAR: CORSAIR – TRAINER DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
Password: no password

MAN O’ WAR: CORSAIR – TRAINER DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 1 (with download tool - FAST)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 2 (updated to last version)
➥ Alternative mirror (updated link)
Password: no password

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